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14-02-2019  |  1384x
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Eco-friendly SpillFix granular to quickly absorb spills on uneven or porous surfaces

Quickly absorb spills on uneven or porous surfaces

The eco-friendly SpillFix granular can be safely used to remove spills from the most porous or uneven surfaces.

SpillFix is a 100% natural product made out of coconut coir that unlike clay-based granulars does not release cancerous silica dust. In addition, SpillFix is a lightweight product with a microsponge honeycomb structure that is highly unlikely to cause any straining or lower back injuries.

Absorbs immediately and effectively
Thanks to its honeycomb structure, SpillFix granulars immediately start pulling liquid inside and quickly absorb any liquid. On top of this, 2.8 kg of SpillFix can absorb the same spill volume as 22.5 kg of clay based granular, so a lot less product is needed to achieve better results. Unlike many clay-based granulars, SpillFix does not leave any slick residue behind and can be mopped up with a few swift swipes.

Granular versus meltblown polypropylene
With the addition of SpillFix, Brady offers a more complete range of Spill Control solutions that include both granular and meltblown polypropylene solutions. In general, granular is cheaper to purchase and more expensive to dispose of after use. Granular is more useful to absorb spills on cracked or porous surfaces. Meltblown polypropylene on the other hand can be offered in any shape or size and has a wide range of proactive spill control applications.

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