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Product description
28-11-2017  |  2125x
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MBC Safety Chuck Series 2000
MBC Safety Chuck Series 2000

MBC Safety Chucks Series 2000

The most important benefits of Safety Chucks

The most important benefits of Safety Chucks

They are designed for maximum safety
They are developed for easy maintenance
They are easy to remove and put in place
There are different versions available upon request
The safety chucks are patented and made of the highest quality materials

MBC safety chucks were developed (and patented) with that idea in mind.

The MBC safety chucks were designed with optimum performance, safety and user-friendliness in mind. The patented safety chuck 2000 & 2100 is a pneumatic safety chuck that matches a high performance to a high level of user-friendliness.

When processing products under high pressure, safety is very important, to prevent accidents and limit their effects when they do occur. MBC safety chucks were developed (and patented) with that idea in mind:
• High speed processing is possible
• The safety chuck’s design prevents vibrations
• The shaft centres itself automatically
• Thanks to the special design, the safety chuck is multi-functional

The series 2000/2100 safety chuck us installed in four steps:
• The shaft is attached to the support
• The pneumatic system is started
• Thanks to the conical tip, the series 2000 makes sure that the shaft is centred automatically. Thanks to the double conical tip, damage to the notched end.
• The rotation can be started. There are no vibrations, which means that high speed processing is possible, under safer circumstances and with better performance results.

In short, the series 2000/2100 safety chucks combine safety, ease of use, speed and high level performance. The safety chucks are available in the following ranges:
• For cylinders between 150 and 60,000 kg
• For torque between 10 and 40,000 Nm

As such, the series 2000/2100 safety chucks are perfect for smaller as well as bigger applications.

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