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03-09-2018  |  900x
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RFID Safety tags for the amGard Pro Range

A new product by Fortress Interlocks

In order to prevent containment in machines and installations, Fortress Interlocks now offers the possibility to equip safety door switches from the amGard Pro range with transponder-coded safety tags in addition to the familiar mechanical safety key.

This means that as long as an operator carries a tag with him, it’s not possible to lock the door and / or restart the machine. Only when all tags are entered in the ergonomically designed slots and the door is closed, the installation can be restarted.

This ensures the safety of your employees at all times. RFID Safety tags are designed according to the very latest techniques and come with the following features;

- 3 steel safety tags per module for 3 operators
- If a tag is lost, a new tag with a new unique code can easily be delivered. This ensures the integrity of the security system
- The slots can be re-enrolled for the use of a new tag
- The status is displayed per slot, with a dual color LED
- The tags are uniquely coded
- Tags can be used for authorized access and / or for preventing the risk of inclusion

AmGard Pro is the very robust product group of modular safety switches which are suitable for use in SIL3 (EN / IEC 62061), Category 4 (EN 954-1) and PLe (EN / ISO 13849-1) applications.

Naast RFID veiligheidstags kan de amGard Pro range worden voorzien van noodstoppen, drukknoppen, sleuteladapters en verschillende bus systemen waaronder AS-i, ProfiNet en Ethernet IP.

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