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12-01-2018  |  1570x
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First Hospital to Apply Ultimo HSE Suite

The Martini Hospital (Groningen) is the first hospital in the Netherlands to deploy the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Suite. Because of the different functionalities in the HSE Suite, it is possible to realise a far-reaching relation between activities and equipment. This is how the Martini Hospital limits the risks that arise from work on medical equipment.

Industry vs. Hospitals
The HSE modules were initially developed in collaboration with the industrial sector to safeguard the safety of equipment and the people working on this equipment. However, these modules are very applicable within the hospital because of the strong similarities between the hospital and industry sectors. The Martini hospital will soon start using the safety modules to ensure an even safer environment, both for patients, employees and external service providers.

In Reality
The Work Permits module will be used for making sure that only certified specialists work on (medical) equipment. With the Work Permits module also comes the Task-Risk Analysis (TRA) add-on. With this functionality, potential risks are mapped beforehand, and measures are taken to prevent these risks. The Martini Hospital sees many advantages in this module for larger projects, for example. The sudden start-up of equipment during maintenance and repair activities can be prevented by using the Lockout Tagout (LOTO) module. This way, incidents while working on dangerous equipment are prevented. Soon, the functionality will make sure that the power in high-voltage areas can only be started up when all locks and tags have been removed from the equipment.

More information
If you would like more information on the HSE suite and the possibilities for your organisation, please contact Ultimo Software Solutions..

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