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27-03-2019 - 28-03-2019
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Type Trade show
Duration 2 days
Starts 27-03-2019
Ends 28-03-2019
Place Antwerp Expo

Entry: Free (after registering)

Maintenance 2019

Trade show

On the 27th & 28th of March Maintenance will take place: the largest trade show related to product-focused maintenance in one of Europeís industrial heavy-duty points: Antwerp.

Increase the reliability, service life and earning power of your machinery thanks to the latest maintenance technologies.

Be prepared for faults and failures, reduce the risk of shutdowns and optimise production. In short, save time and money!

Participate in the conferences related to Asset Management and Smart Maintenance and learnshops related to Condition Monitoring with a high added value. Exchange know-how and ideas with the best maintenance experts in your sector.

Event organizer

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CAT I / Level I Ultrasound Training in Almelo, Netherlands 06-10 May 2019
CAT I / Level I Ultrasound Training in Almelo, Netherlands
06-10 May 2019 Inspections with airborne ultrasound are non-destructive tests and their effectiveness depends on the engineerís ability to perform the inspections. Our extensive training allows professionals to achieve the best predictive maintenance practices after the implementation of a high quality ultrasound program. The training includes the following topics: - All aspects of ultrasound technology; - Effective mechanical analysis, leak detection and electrical inspections; - Conducting leak detection audits, condition based lubrication, steam trap inspection, trending of bearings and electrical inspections; - Optimizing the availability of assets and the profitability of the company; - Improved techniques and methods for a quality ultrasound inspection; - Improving recording and reporting skills through special analytical and data management; - Reducing energy consumption. The training takes 4Ĺ days and consists of four days of theory / practice
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Bezoekersregistratie voor Maintenance 2019 geopend
Bezoekersregistratie voor Maintenance 2019 geopend

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14-02-2019  |  581x  |  News in brief  | 
Are you ready for predictive maintenance?  Test it here.
Are you ready for predictive maintenance?
Test it here. In the maintenance of installations and machines, Industry 4.0 opens doors, allowing data to speak and supporting maintenance engineers in making maintenance decisions. They must guarantee maximum uptimes of installations and machines, preferably also reduce costs, and at the same time, make sure that maintenance is carried out safely. It is therefore high time that we encourage the digital transformation of machines in order to meet these challenges. With the help of predictive analytics and IoT, among other things, we can predict the ideal time to perform maintenance, taking anticipated events into account. You can take a look into the future and decide what it will be yourself.
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