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TEL: +32 2 801 55 55
FAX: +32 2 801 55 99
A. Vaucampslaan 42
B-1654   Huizingen
+32 2 801 44 26
Ms. Karin Peeters
Business Development Manager Rimses Agile Business Processes
Company brochure
Company brochure
Rimses is the Computerized Maintenance Management System of Realdolmen and is a flexible, straightforward and, above all, user-friendly system, developed on the basis of best practices validated by many customers. It fits within the complete range of products and services offered as far as EAM and Service Management are concerned. If you want to move towards a pro-active or even strategic maintenance, Rimses is the solution you need: htttp://

Realdolmen provides an extended range of services to make the Rimses implementation a real success. We offer following services: project management, EAM consultancy, implementation assistance, technical installation, training, maintenance and helpdesk.

Realdolmen is a single source supplier offering you, besides Rimses Services, support in the wide range of ICT services thus covering the total ICT life-cycle. Realdolmen offers integrated solutions at a strategic, tactical and/or operational level.

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RIMSES, RIMSES Mobile, RIMSES Analyzer, eRIMSES, Rimses Predictive,
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RIMSES - Maintenance Management Solution
RIMSES Mobile - Mobile Maintenance Management Solution
RIMSES Analyzer - Businss Intelligence Maintenance Tool
eRIMSES - Maintenance Request Tool
Rimses Predictive - Predictive Maintenance Solution
Products, services
Maintenance, Asset management, Service management, Mobility, Environment, Safety, Inspections, Condition based monitorin, Maintenance, Capacity planning,
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Products, services
Maintenance - Software
Asset management - EAM
Service management - Services
Mobility - Mobile decives
Environment - Inspections
Safety - Work permits
Inspections - Checklists
Condition based monitorin - Measurement
Maintenance - Failures
Capacity planning - Planning

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Product news

Rimses 6.5 is available
Rimses 6.5 is available
Realdolmen releases Rimses 6.5. With this version we are responding to an increasing use of mobile applications, including in the maintenance world. With mobile checklists and measurements, the right information is immediately available for adjustment of the maintenance. Planners now have the opportunity to plan the work per shift and visualize their communication with production about maintenance availability. Rimses continues to focus on user-friendliness so that, for example, information via documents can be added more easily and those responsible can keep a finger on the pulse quickly. This version gives our customers more opportunities for efficient maintenance. For companies that still want to make the step, Rimses 6.5 adds to the richness of the CMMS application.
12-07-2018  |  1145x  | 
Rimses makes it easier to meet compliance requirements
Rimses makes it easier to meet compliance requirements
Are you required to repeatedly demonstrate how your processes are executed, and to do it faster each time? Is traceability a requirement for you? Are you spending a lot of time on audits? Do you perform maintenance at food companies subject to HACCP, IFS and BRC standards? Rimses makes it so much easier to meet compliance requirements.
14-12-2017  |  1835x  | 
Launch Rimses 6.4 New version of our CMMS solution
Launch Rimses 6.4
New version of our CMMS solution Realdolmen launches version 6.4 of Rimses, a CMMS solution. In addition to extensive functionality, the Rimses team, together with its customers, continues to focus on its user-friendliness. This also shows in this release. This version of Rimses is not only available to customers but also offers good access to companies that want to support their maintenance processes in a simple and effective way.
11-08-2017  |  2415x  | 
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