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Beko Technologies BV
TEL: +31 165 320 300
Marketing & Communications
Veenen 12
NL-4704 SE   Roosendaal
Ms. Sara Deckers
Marketing/Communication/PR Marketing
Mr. René de Jongh
Service Technician Service Department
Mr. Jan Slatman
Key Account / OEM / Project Manager Projects
Company brochure
Company brochure
Do you know when to replace a compressed air filter?
Do you know when you have compressed air leakages?
Do you know how dry your compressed air is?

No? Then we can support you! Maintenance of compressed air systems is one of our specialties.

As well as a broad range of compressed air products and systems, we also have an excellent service department who can check your compressed air installation, offer you advice on improvements and carry out routine or complicated maintanance work.

Proces security. Product safety and compressed air purity.

Call us and make an appointment with one of our service engineers.
Maintenance of compressed air installatations
Expertise for maintenance on adsorption dryers
Replace filters regularly for breathing air equipment for optimal purity
Easy maintenance of condensate drain BEKOMAT®
Change filters in oil-water separators regularly for safe discharge of condensate
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BEKOMAT - Level-controlled condensate drain, with no loss of compressed air
METPOINT - Broad product range of measuring equipment for monitoring compressed air quality
DRYPOINT RA - Fridge dryer with constant pressure dew point. The most efficient method for compressed air drying
CLEARPOINT - Compressed air filtration for the cleanest air
DRYPOINT M - Point-of-use compressed air drying with membrane technology
EVERDRY - Tailor-made adsorption dryers for any industrial application
METPOINT OCV - Residual oil content measurement for monitoring oil content in compressed air
BEKOKAT - Bacteria- and oil-free compressed air through catalytic convertor, for any inlet conditions
OWAMAT - Oil-water separator for oil-contaminated condensate, based on gravitational properties.
Products, services
Compressed air, Condensate, Oil-free, Drying, Measurement technology, Filtration, Piping,
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Products, services
Compressed air - filtration, drying, oil-free, measuring, leak detection, pressure dew point, guaranteed bacteria-free
Condensate - Emulsion separators, oil-water separators, 5mg/litre, safe disposal
Oil-free - Independent of inlet conditions, guaranteed oil-free, bacteria-free compressed air
Drying - Refrigeration dryers upto +3degrees, membrane dryers up to -40 degrees and adsorption dryers up to -70 degrees and specific applications possible
Measurement technology - Leak detector, dew point measurement, breathing air, flow measurement, oil vapour residue measurement
Filtration - CLEARPOINT® 3E: filtration, special Energy Effiicient Element, alternative elements for perfect filtration
Piping - BEKOFLOW®: Easy to maintain, simple to install, clean

Product news

Membrane dryer DryPoint M 4.0
Membrane dryer DryPoint M 4.0
Many years ago, Beko technologies, manufacturer of compressed air treatment, introduced a compressed air dryer to the market, the Drypoint® M Plus. This particular dryer proved succesful due to the fact that it requires no electrical connection, it had a small footprint and could achieve a low pressure dew point of -40°C and under certain conditions even lower. In spite of this, some markets required a compressed air dryer that would reduce compressed air consumption and offer the possibility of setting a specific pressure dew point which would remain stable no matter what the surrounding conditions are. In short, the market needed an intelligent dryer. Jan Slatman, Global Account Manager for Beko technologies b.V., who is an avid and experienced technician, then took the dryer under his wing and added an intelligent electrical valve which is able to independly analyse the inlet conditions and adjust the purge accordingly, whilst constantly maintaining a stable
08-10-2015  |  4125x  | 
Upgrade of Bekomat® for increased Serviceability Condensate Technology
Upgrade of Bekomat® for increased Serviceability
Condensate Technology In the field of condensate technology, the upgrade of the Bekomat® 3 series now means improved serviceability. The upgrade version of the Bekomat® 31/32/33 series has a service indicator which informs you of upcoming maintenance in a timely manner. The employment of a multi-voltage power unit for the energy supply from 85 to 265 VAC, at 50-60 Hz, reduces the variants. With the higher protection class IP67, the condensate drains are not only reliably protected against the admission of dust, they are also sealed to such an extent that temporary sumersion in water will not damage them. therefore they are an ideal solution for the most severe ambient conditions. What the devices of the entire series have in common is the innovatie basic concept, providing for extremely easy maintenance. All components are coupled by convenient quick connectors. Like their predecessors, the upgrade versions of Bekomat® 31 and 32 consist of two components: the service unit, where all
25-02-2015  |  5825x  |   | 
Condensate and bacteria Free on-site analysis
Condensate and bacteria
Free on-site analysis With expertise in condensate treatment, BEKO Technologies has built its company, originally on the treatment and disposal of compressed air condensate. Today, BEKO Technologies has much more to ffer than condensate treatment and the efficient and legal disposal hereof. Of course, protection of the environment is a benefit to all. Unfortunately, condensate often contains bacteria that cannot be removed by normal filtration methods. Bacteria can reproduce itself at a staggering rate. 1 bacterial organism per millimeter can grow to 1 million colonial units within the timeframe of one shift! If this is left untreated, it can cause serious problems. In some economical situations, the installation will seem to be working fine, but the filter will not be working properly. As a result of this, the treated condensate will still containt amounts of oil, which, once disposed of in the sewage system or on open waters, will cause contamination. Fines can be imposed for this. The
17-12-2012  |  5315x  | 
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