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Weidmüller Benelux BV
TEL: +31 35 6 261 261
FAX: +31 35 6 232 044
Posbus 1505
NL-1200 BM   Hilversum

Franciscusweg 221
NL-1216 SE   Hilversum
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Panel building requires innovative ideas Klippon® Connect delivers pioneering connectivity solutions
Panel building requires innovative ideas
Klippon® Connect delivers pioneering connectivity solutions Weidmüller Klippon® Connect – extra efficiency in panel planning, installation and operation. – Innovative portfolio of terminal blocks for more productivity in panel building. – The perfect solution every time: two ranges – one application range and one universal range of terminal blocks. With the Klippon® Connect series, Weidmüller is showcasing innovative connectivity for efficient planning, installation and operation. The new terminal blocks and process-supporting services are consistently designed to generate added value in all the stages of the panel building process – from planning, over installation, to ongoing operation. Klippon® Connect enables time savings of up to 75% with engineering, faultless wiring, faster marking processes and much more besides. Two ranges of terminal blocks are available to provide the perfect solution: one application range and one universal range. The particular requirements determine which one is the most suitable. The same applies
13-07-2016  |  3702x  |   | 
Contactless power transmission with Freecon
Contactless power transmission with Freecon
You are working on advancing your automation? We support you with a revolutionary solution. Let’s connect. With FreeCon Contactless, Weidmüller is the first company to present a new connection component for contactless energy transmission which was specially developed for extensive use in the industrial environment. The innovative system has optimised inductive resonance coupling technology. Thanks to innovative heat management, it transmits up to 240 watts with an extraordinary degree of efficiency of up to 90 percent. Its extremely compact design means that FreeCon Contactless can be used in virtually any environment. It can also be switched by means of PLC and can be integrated in a control program. Consequently, it satisfies all the requirements of a demanding industrial environment. With this wealth of advantages, FreeCon Contactless is meeting the requirements of future automation solutions today and is getting your production processes ready for “Industry 4.0”.
15-06-2015  |  5115x  | 
Stripping with the new Stripax® Ultimate
Stripping with the new Stripax® Ultimate
Precision plays a pivotal role in your cable processing No insulation is too much for our stars Let’s connect. Stripping cables and lines without damaging the individual wires is the most important task when you strip insulation and sheathing. For consistent stripping results, you need precision tools that ensure safe working procedures and optimal processes. Your applications are as diverse as the cables used and their characteristics are varied. These range from soft to hard, from smooth to tough, and make accurate stripping a real challenge. We have managed to address this challenge successfully. Thanks to our years of practical experience, we are continuously developing new tools to meet your professional demands. Our sheathing and insulation stripping tools not only excel by virtue of their high degree of comfort and performance, but also offer a perfect solution for every application. Our unrivalled team of insulation and sheath stripping tools allow
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