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Indutrade Benelux B.V.
TEL: +31 (0)297-514 614
FAX: +31 (0)297-514777
Postbus 175
NL-1420 AD   Uithoorn

Anton Philipsweg 1
NL-1422 AL   Uithoorn
+31 (0)297 514-755
Mr. Robert Timmer
managing director
+31 (0)297 514 643
Mr. L. van Diemen
financial controller
Company brochure
Company brochure
Indutrade Benelux is the holding company of the Benelux-based companies of the listed Swedish company Indutrade AB. The Indutrade companies supply the market with technical components and systems, while also carrying out service activities. We focus on high-grade technologies for industrial niche applications. The group is organised into four divisions:

Engineering & Equipment
Flow Technology
Industrial Components
Special Products

Our objective is to grow into a leading technical sales organisation in North Europe: a leader not only in sales and profitability, but also in technical expertise. To achieve this, the Indutrade organisation has a strongly decentralised structure. Our companies each have their own identity and vision. This freedom forms the inspirational source for the entrepreneurial spirit within our organisation, allowing us to deliver an optimal service to our customers. The parent company Indutrade Benelux offers support in the field of industrial know-how, finance, development and management. The subsidiaries benefit mutually from benchmarking and the informal exchange of experiences.

The Indutrade organisation now consists of almost 100 companies, including 11 located in the Benelux. The companies vary in size, but generally have between 15 and 40 employees. The Indutrade companies operate on the basis of long-standing relationships and intensive cooperation with their customers. Their role as a technical problem-solver is a key added value. Delivering quality products combined with excellent service is always the number-one priority. Many of our companies are ISO-certified or comply with other quality standards required in the various markets.

We are keen to talk to entrepreneurs who are interested in selling their business. Does our corporate philosophy appeal to you? Then contact us - whether you are still making up your mind or have already decided.

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