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Vinçotte Nederland
 P.O. Box 6869
NL-4802 HW   Breda
Takkebijsters 8
NL-4817 BL   Breda
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Company brochure


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Company profile

Vinçotte protects and strengthens the reputation of its customers worldwide. We do this by developing solutions that guarantee and improve the safety, quality and sustainability of companies. With services in the field of testing and measuring, inspection and audit, certification and training, we provide peace of mind to our customers. Your reputation is ours. That is our commitment.

More than 2,500 employees, spread over 17 international branches, support our company mission. If you call on Vinçotte’s services, you have the certainty of working with an extremely reliable organisation that guarantees a flexible and impartial service.

Worldwide Vinçotte provides more than 130 specialised inspection, monitoring and certification services, analyses and tests for the most wide-ranging applications in the field of electricity, hoisting apparatus, pressure equipment, non destructive testing, civil engineering, safety in the work place, environmental protection and radiant protection.

You can rest assured. Vinçotte will take care of it.

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