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Safe Site Valbeveiliging
 Staalindustrieweg 19
NL-2952 AT   Alblasserdam
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contact, function department email direct dial
Mr. Patrick Stout, Sales Rep. Sales 
Mr. T. Stokman, Consultant/ Salesman Permanent Fall Protection 
Mr. Nicky van Oorschot, Operational Manager Training 

Company profile

Products, in categories

Types of maintenance - Preventive maintenance
Types of maintenance - Industrial cleaning
Case stories - Offshore
Case stories - Chemical industry
Case stories - Petrochemical industry
Case stories - Food, Feed
Case stories - Transport and storage
Safety - Personal safety
Education - Education general
Safety - Saftey regulations

Products, as keywords

Main keywords  
Sales Working on rooftops, Climbing, Rescue, GWO, Enclosed spaces, tailor made
Rope Access IRATA, working with ropes, decending, difficult places
Consultancy Inventory fallprotection, Risk Assessment, rescueplan, floor plan, dangerous situations


Brand   Description
SALA/ Protecta Global compliant/ Enclosed Spaces/ Rescue equipment/ Permanent Systems
Petzl Climbing equipment/ Ropes/ Rope Access/ Helmets/ Pulleys
Miller Personal fallprotection/ Honeywell
Söll Permanent systems/ Horizontal/ Vertical/ Cable/ Rail/ Runners
Uniline/ Ladsaf Permanent systems/ Horizontal/ Vertical/ Cable/ Rail/ Runners
ISC Personal fallprotection/ Evacuation kits/ Rescue systems/ Pulleys/ Anchorpoints
Neofeu Load Arresters/ Personal fallprotection
FABA Permanent systems vertical
Tractel Tirsafe/ Temporary anchorpoints/ Personal fallprotection
Skylotec Personal fallprotection/ Enclosed Spaces/ Rescue equipment/ Permanent Systems

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