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Ultimo Software Solutions BV
Postbus 220
NL-8070AE   Nunspeet
Waterweg 3
NL-8071RR   Nunspeet
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Mr. Lubert Gerrits, business manager sales 
Mr. Jeroen ter Bruggen, senior account manager sales 
Mr. Jaap Tinselboer, accountmanager sales 

Company profile

The world is in a whirl and it revolves around all your objects and equipment at the speed of light. If you are responsible for maintenance, facility or IT you will want your assets to keep you informed at all times to see if they can keep up with it all. And if you are responsible for more than maintenance, facility or IT, you want that as well. It may well be that your assets require your general or financial attention. Ultimo will be sure to pass on the crucial signals about your assets. Centralised on one software platform. A platform on which it is easy to manage all your assets and their processes. Our talent for automation and our knowledge of management used for your benefit.

All your assets tell their stories. Are you listening?

Live-link your assets and facilities

Preventive maintenancePreventive maintenance
Ultimo Go (app)Ultimo Go (app)


Products, in categories

Types of maintenance - Preventive maintenance
Types of maintenance - Corrective maintenance
Types of maintenance - Revision
Process optimalization - performance improvement
Maintenance methodology - WCM
Maintenance methodology - TPM
Maintenance methodology - MRO Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, Onderhoud, reparatie en revisie
Safety - Machine safety
Software - Maintenance management software

Products, as keywords

Main keywords   Sub keywords
 FMIS software, FMIS leveranciers, FMIS systeem, facility management software, facility management
 CMMS systeem, CMMS software, computerized maintenance management system
 asset management software, enterprise asset management software, enterprise asset management systeem, EAM
 Software maintenance, maintenance systeem, maintenance system
 Maintenance Management software
 onderhoudsbeheer software, onderhoud software, technische dienst software, onderhoudsmanagementsysteem

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