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Easyfairs Germany
 Balanstr. 73, Haus 8
D-81541   München
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Dhr. Daniel Eisele   


Why the easy in Easyfairs?

For the visitor: we make it easy to register and prepare their visit, to identify new products and suppliers, to get an overview of the market, learn about trends and innovations, network with peers and do business

For the exhibitor: we make it easy to book a stand, exhibit, promote participation, reach customers onsite and online 365 days a year, develop business abroad and calculate return on investment

For the communities we serve: we make it easy to raise awareness of the sector, network, stimulate dialogue and debate, and reinforce the sense of community

As an events organiser, Easyfairs anticipates the challenges you and your business might face in the future and provides you the tools and know-how needed to succeed. We are dedicated to attracting innovative exhibitors and offering creative and entertaining content that presents new ideas, frequently challenges conventional wisdom, and stimulates discussion and engagement.

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